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Covid-19 Update

Since March 23rd 2020 we have been living in a time of uncertainty. Nannies and their Employers were left with little or no guidance as to where they stood and if they could even apply for the furlough scheme.

At Nanny Scout we have spent many hours reading articles, watching the news for snippets of information and throughly researching so that we can provide the most up to date information to our Clients and Nannies.

It was a great relief for many when it was finally announced that Household Staff including Nannies were eligible for furlough!

Throughout these unprecedented times we are encouraging everyone to discuss their individual circumstances and work out the best and fairest way to proceed.

At Nanny Scout we are staying safe, working from home and following Government guidance. Both our Windsor and Richmond Offices remain fully operational and we are taking new Client and Candidate registrations.

Since Lockdown we have received many calls, messages and emails from both Nannies and Employers regarding working restrictions, furlough and how we are operating. So, here is an update on our current policies and how we have decided to proceed.

We have made some decisions on what we feel is a safe way to continue operating in the interests of both Families and Nannies.

  • If both parents are Keyworkers and have an immediate need for childcare we will recruit for the role.

  • For any other Families looking for childcare we have decided that a preliminary start date of June onwards is currently sensible.

Below are some key questions we have been asked

Can Nannies continue to work during Covid-19 Lockdown?

The rules set by the UK Government are that everyone should work from home if at all possible, only go into a workplace if their job “absolutely cannot be done from home” and everyone should adhere to social distancing. Therefore as a Nanny cannot work from home then they are able to attend work. If you are a Nanny still working then we suggest you and the family adhere to the following :-

  • You should avoid public transport where possible and either drive, cycle or walk to work.

  • At all times the whole household should maintain hygiene standards through regular handwashing and household cleaning.

  • Whilst at work adhere to social distancing as much as is feesably possible.

If you are in a high risk group then you should not continue to work.

Consult your GP regarding working if you are pregnant.

Ensure the Employer/Employee insurance policies are valid at this time.

If you are unable to work/your Employer does not require you to work discuss if furlough is an option.

I require childcare immediately can I hire a Nanny?

At this current time Nanny Scout have made the decision to only recruit for Key workers and for families who can provide accommodation for Nannies to Live within their household.

This is a decision we have not taken lightly but, we believe it to be in the best interests of everyone.

We are also advising that Nannies isolate for a minimum of 7 days prior to a position commencing.

Can I start looking for a Nanny to start after Lockdown?

Most definitely!

We are happy to discuss the options and start the ball rolling for you. We are giving an earliest start date for roles of June with the understanding that this may change depending on circumstances at that time.

The process will be slightly different to our usual one due to the fact we are unable to meet Candidates in person. We are interviewing any new Candidates via Skype with the view to a personal interview once Lockdown is over. We are also booking in initial Skype interviews for Families and Nannies to get the process started. Please get in touch and we will go through this with you and answer any questions.

Can you Employer insist you work?

As a Nanny cannot work from home and if you are not in the high-risk categories as described on the Government website then yes they can. You do have the option to take unpaid leave or to request holiday but your Employer does not have to agree to this.

I do not want my Nanny coming to work, what are my options?

We are advising that you furlough them and reclaim 80% of the Nanny’s salary from HMRC. It is up to an Employer if they wish to top up the salary to 100%.

We are available during business hours and are also responding queries out of hours to offer support to everyone. All our advice is free of charge and if we are unsure of an answer we will do some research for you and get back to you with more information.

Please contact us via our contact page and we are happy to help.


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