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Nanny Contracts - they are so important!!

At Nanny Scout we ensure that before a placement begins a contract is in place. I am amazed at how many people don't have a contract. I have even spoken to a Nanny who had signed her contract without reading it thoroughly!!! All they had done was skimmed through to check salary, days/hours and holiday. Crazy!!!!

A contract is there to ensure that both parties understand the expectations within a role. It provides a solid foundation for a successful working relationship and crucially it is a legal requirement and it will help prevent misunderstandings at a later date.

We see many people discussing contracts and the clauses in them. One of the frequent things that pops up is a "layoff clause" This means that the Employer can decide that they don't need the nanny for a period of time and if worded so in the contract not pay them.

Clauses such as this are why it is so important to read your contract thoroughly so that these things can be discussed before you sign.


A contract must cover several elements - contracted hours, duties, notice period, holiday entitlement and any other paid leave, gross salary, sickness, responsibilities, details of insurance, DBS, Ofsted registration and first aid, driving, disciplinary and grievance procedures.

  • All UK employees, must receive an employment contract or at minimum a written statement of employment particulars by or on their first day of employment.

  • All terms in the contract must meet employment law standards

  • Salary must meet the latest National Minimum Wage rates.

In the event of a dispute the written contract can serve as a reference point to help resolve issues amicably.

Nanny contracts are important

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