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Having a Review with your Nanny

Having a review with your Nanny is an excellent way of maintaining a healthy and productive working relationship. They provide an opportunity for both parties to give feedback, set expectations, and ensure that everyone is happy.

It is a good idea to schedule a review towards the end of a probationary period and then annually. Remember that a review should be a constructive and supportive process. It's an opportunity for both you and your Nanny to ensure that you are on the same page and working together effectively.


Steps to consider when having a review:

  1. Schedule a Meeting:

  • Choose a time to sit down with your Nanny for a one-on-one meeting.

  • Make sure it's a time without the children present so that you can discuss things without interruptions.

2. Prepare in Advance:

  • Make sure you have made a note of anything you wish to discuss.

3. At the meeting:.

  • Topics to cover might include job responsibilities, communication, punctuality, childcare, housekeeping, and any specific issues or concerns.

  • Feedback is a essential. Share specific examples of what your Nanny has done well and areas where you would like to see something maybe done in a different way.

  • Offer constructive criticism and avoid making it personal. Focus on actions and behaviours.

  • Allow your Nanny to share their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions and, make a plan of how to support them going forward.

  • Encourage open communication, and be receptive to their perspective.

  • Go over the Nanny's job description and discuss any changes or updates.

  • Clarify your expectations regarding childcare, household duties, and any special requirements.

4. Discuss Pay and Benefits:

  • An annual pay review is a good idea. Do a little research beforehand to see what current rates of pay are in your area.

nanny review

If there are any issues that crop up in the review then it is a good idea to set a date for a chat in a couple of months to see how things are going.

Regular feedback and communication can help foster a strong working relationship and ensure the well-being of your children.

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