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Employers and Insurance

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Whilst is is not a legal requirement for Household Staff to have insurance it is for the Employer.

It's is a Criminal Offence for an Employer not to have Employers Liability insurance and can result in a fine of £2500 per day they are uninsured. It is very easy to set up, should provide cover for at least £5million and be in place for the whole Employment. For more information please take a look here

Accidents can happen so it is only sensible that everyone holds the correct insurance.

At Nanny Scout we inform all New Employers that they need to put insurance in place and it is part of our Contract too.

The majority of Household insurance policies offer cover for Domestic Staff so Employers should check with them in the first instance.

As mentioned Household Staff do not have to be insured however we strongly recommend that they do have their own insurance policy. There are several companies that provide this service.

Any Nanny who is Ofsted registered will hold Insurance as it is a requirement of Registration.

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