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Virtual Interviews

Virtual interviews are here to stay. We register Candidates virtually now and 90% of our Clients opt to hold first interviews virtually.

They have many advantages:

  • They are more efficient, no travel time means everyone can get through more interviews. From an agency point of view it is also a bonus that if someone doesn't log in we can just carry on with our day. You would not believe the amount of candidates who do this or cancel 10 minutes before and then suddenly 3 months later apply for another role with no apology. We do keep a record of all no shows and late cancellations!!

  • Time wise they have a much easier cut off and are usually 40 - 50 minutes.

  • Clients can hold interviews in their lunch break, at nap time or whilst travelling. They also don't need to worry about having a pristine home or being covered in baby sick.

However, there can be downsides, it can be harder for some people to get or give off the right feeling. With some candidates they are obviously nervous at the start of an interview. Then, they relax and warm up, we always try and put them at ease and have a general chit chat as it gives you a much better feeling for someone than being too "interviewy". If we sense this then we always let a client know so that they give them a chance and try to put them at ease.

There are definitely a few things to consider before attending virtual interviews whether it be with an agency or a prospective employer.

  • Ensure you can access the meeting - download the correct software if you don't already have it.

  • Check that your camera and microphone work

  • Charge your device and check your internet connection

  • Dress appropriately and have a tidy room behind you. PJ's are not appropriate. Yes, we have had someone sit there in P'Js eating toast!!!!

  • Make sure you are in a quiet space

  • Have a cuppa if you like but don't sit munching biscuits too.

  • Be prepared and have your documentation to hand. This is a must for an agency interview and good practice just incase the client asks.

  • If you have to cancel do so in good time unless it's an emergency. As we said not turning up is noted and clients no matter how good your CV is don't usually give second chances as they are seeking reliability.


Find chatting virtually awkward? Let us know, it's not a problem and an agency or a client will try and put you at ease. Before Covid hit and the world went virtual many people would never have felt comfortable with video calls but we have had to adapt fast. They are still not many peoples favourite thing but we have embraced how much more efficient they make the registering and hiring process.

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