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Redundancy as a Nanny

Redundancy occurs when an employer no longer requires an employees services or when the job they do becomes obsolete.

Nanny redundancy

As a Nanny your families circumstances may have changed and they no longer need a Nanny or need to reduce the hours that they do. If they are reducing the hours then they must offer the ‘new’ position to the current Nanny. If the Nanny turns down the 'new' role they are entitled to redundancy pay as long as they meet the criteria.

If you are a Nanny facing redundancy in the UK, there are a few things you need to know.

  • You may be entitled to redundancy pay - If you have a minimum of two years of continuous employment with the same family and are on PAYE you will be entitled. The amount of redundancy pay you are entitled to depends on your age, length of service, and your salary. You can use the government's redundancy pay calculator to find out how much you may be entitled to.

  • You may be entitled to statutory notice pay - Statutory notice pay is the amount of pay you are entitled to if you are given notice of redundancy. The amount of statutory notice pay you are entitled to depends on your length of service.

  • You may be entitled to enhanced redundancy pay - Enhanced redundancy pay is additional pay that your employer may offer you in addition to statutory redundancy pay. Enhanced redundancy pay is not compulsory, but many employers offer it as a way of showing their appreciation for your service.

  • Tax - You do not need to pay tax on redundancy payments up to £30,000

If you are facing redundancy, it is important to speak to your employer as soon as possible to find out what your rights are.

You may also be able to get advice from the payroll company your employer uses or your insurer.

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