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Guest Blog from Photography by Abi Moore

5 Top Tips for Perfect Family Photos

With a smartphone in every household, more photos are taken now than at any other time in our history. It’s hard to imagine a time when we didn’t document our everyday lives through images.

Will your family photos stand the test of time?

Here, Abi Moore, an award-winning family photographer based in Windsor, shares her top tips for taking the best photos of your family.

1. Light, camera, action!

Professional photography is all about light and how we use it – this can take years to

perfect, but there are some simple tips to capture your family photos in the best light.

Avoid bright sun on faces as it makes you squint and creates harsh shadows. Move your

children into the shade for a much better picture, or if no shade is available, position the

sun behind them.

If you’re indoors, try not to use flash unless you really have to – again it’s a very harsh

form of lighting. By moving your children closer to a window you’ll have all the light you


2. Work those angles

Another thing photographers aim to perfect is the angle and framing of an image. When

taking photos of your kids, look at what else is included in the picture – if there is clutter

or too much space around them, then lose it – get closer and focus on them.

Also consider your height in relation to your children. Often as adults, we tower over our

children, yet we take photos from a standing position. Whilst this can occasionally give us

an interesting perspective on their current tiny size, you’ll get a much better picture if you

get down to their level.

3. If I could turn back time

One day your toddler will no longer be toddling, your pre-schooler will be a teenager

walking themselves to school, and all the toys they once loved will be long forgotten.

Whilst I realise a posed photo of everyone smiling at the camera is often the ultimate aim,

don’t forget to take time to capture the memories of everyday life. Photograph them with

the toys they love right now, at their favourite park, or their little habits and routines.

4. Put yourself in the picture

I’d like you to take out your phone or camera right now and look through the photos...

How many of the photos include you in them with your children? If you don’t have a

photo of you with your kids taken in the last three months, then I challenge to do

something about it today – ask a friend or your partner to take a photo, or even take a

quick selfie!

When they’re older, your kids will want to see pictures of you – I love looking at the

photos of my parents with me in the eighties (despite - or perhaps because of - the

terrible perms and patterned wallpaper!).

Mums and dads often ask me how to look their best in photos. My first response is that

your kids love you and will love what you look like even if that’s no make-up or carrying a

little baby weight. The best thing you can do is enjoy yourself and smile!

5. Back up your photos! Print your photos!

The downside of camera phones is that our photos usually languish in our phone

memory, not getting printed and often becoming irretrievable when a phone dies or is

lost. I recommend that ideally you should save your photos in three places, including on a

home computer and in cloud storage.

I also believe that images deserve to be printed (as such all my photography packages

include prints as well as digital images). It’s known to improve a child’s self-esteem when

they see photos of themselves around the home. Pick a favourite image and enlarge it, or

print a coffee table photo book of your favourite images from each year.

If you try all of the above and your family photos are still not quite measuring up, then call

in the professionals! Abi has been a professional photographer for ten years and

specialises in relaxed and natural family portraits.

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