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Schools Out, What shall we do?

Over the coming weeks we are going to be experiencing a different lifestyle. Whether you are a Nanny who will have children at home for several weeks (and parents!) or a Family who are working from home and juggling childcare as your usual facility is closed or your Nanny is unable to work you will need to find ways to entertain the children.

For the first couple of weeks school age children will have work set by their teachers but what about the pre schoolers and children who usually attend Nursery? We have compiled a list of websites that have free activities, available to download, to keep the children's learning on course and keep them entertained. . Also, older children may be happy to do some extra learning whilst they are unable to go out and socialise and attend activities as they usually would during school holidays.

We are all going to be experiencing a very strange and different few weeks. Even though we are unable to go about our normal daily lives we will adapt and cope.

One key thing is don't forget to have some FUN and get some FRESH AIR. Go out for walks/bike rides in open spaces, play in the garden, read a book, plant flowers, do craft projects, play board games, bake cakes, climb trees, have movie afternoons, FaceTime friends and family.

Don't just focus on academics make sure you have fun too!!

A selection of websites offering free resources

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