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London in the Easter Holidays

The children I nanny for are at full time school so we always make sure we plan some fun days out in the school holidays. At Easter they were off skiing for a week so we only had a few days to squeeze in some fun.

One request was to visit The Golden Hinde again. It's a 30 minute walk along the river from London Waterloo and If you haven't been i highly recommend it. Its great value for money and they offer different fun days in the school holidays.

We set off with some friends from Windsor just before 9am armed with rain coats just in case as well as plenty of snacks and drinks.

Once in London we had a lovely walk to the boat and enjoyed the Drake Fun day. There were two guides dressed up and they told the children all about the boat and involved them in games and taught them how to fire a cannon. The kids loved it and when we left the boat it was time for lunch.

We luckily managed to dodge the rain over lunch and then took a stroll along the river on our way back to the station.As the tide was out we went down to the shore of the River Thames to have

look what we could find.

The children found lots of treasure to fill their pockets with. We also had great fun watching the street theatre and quickly popped into the Tate Modern for a look around the shop.

The skies were looking decidedly grey so we made the decision to dash to the station rather than going to the park as we usually do.

This proved to be a very wise choice!! We grabbed some tea and jumped on the train home.

Half way back to Windsor the rain started pouring down and there was thunder and lightening. We arrived at Ashford station and discovered we would be going nowhere fast.......lightening had struck the signals and we were stuck. So close to home and yet so far!

After waiting a short time i decided to call and see if there was any chance of a lift home. Luckily the children's mum works near Heathrow and hadn't left work yet so she very kindly said she would come to our rescue.

We had to hang around for about an hour and i am pleased to say the children were beautifully behaved. The rain was pouring, it was cold and we'd had a busy day. They didn't moan once and were happy to wait on the platform playing old fashioned clapping games and making their own entertainment.

We all had a great day out and if you've children 5yrs + then make some time in the next school holidays and take a trip to The Golden Hinde. They'll love it.

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