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Obsessed with Otters!!!

When we planned our trip to the London Wetland Centre we did not realise they were to home to two Otters! We were all very excited to see them!! The children loved watching them play! They were definitely our favourite thing to see on the day, and three children went home small cuddly Otters!

There was so much to do and see here, they had the opportunity to learn about plants from other countries, search for birds, see butterflies and try pond dipping.

Learning about using the telescopes to view the birds on the wetlands and pointing out the buildings they could recognise on the London skyline.

Pond dipping was a great success finding many mini beasts under the water! We had so much fun we didntmanage to get round the whole wetlands, but we are looking forward to anther visit.

Visits like this are of great educational value, they use so many skills during days out, slowly we give them indpendence in new places, working out money for shopping and train tickets, working as part of a team, caring for everyones needs and reading signs to get information and follow instructions for activites.

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