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To The Tower!!!

Thankfully we all kept our heads on last week at our outing to the Tower of London!! We had a fantastic day. One of the great things about nannying for older children is that we don’t need to take pushchairs any more so we are free to explore more of London!

We got the train from Windsor to Waterloo and then a sight seeing boat along the Thames, which was exciting and informative for the children. They were keen to pick out the differences made by the tour guide on the way home.

The children enjoyed the activity booklet that the Tower provided and the exhibitions they had were short enough to keep the children interested. There were short playlets around this one with Anne Boleyn interested the children, they wanted to see if she would loose her head.....

After the Tower we enjoyed hanging out by the river before getting the boat back. A great day out had by all and happy children.

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