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Writing a Good CV

Over the past couple of months we have been very busy regsistering New Candidates. One thing that has become apparent is that some Candidates would really benefit from some guidance on how to write a good CV.

Writing a CV can take some time however when it is done well it puts you in good stead. We see so many CVs that give us no idea where you are based, have incorrect dates, spelling mistakes, jobs in the wrong order and that are too extensive.

Potential employers and Agencies focus on the first page therefore this is where you need to grab our attention.

You don't want to be overlooked because of silly mistakes.

To increase your chances of being hired you should lay out your cv well.

Below is an example of how to

Full Name


Telephone number & Email

Personal statement

Tell prospective employers about yourself and what you have to offer to their family.

What are your career goals?

How much experience do you have?

Are you qualified? Ofsted registered?

What are your characteristics? Caring, Enthusiastic, Organised.......

What do you enjoy about your job?

Specialised experience? SEN, potty training, weaning.....

Why you are looking for a new role?

Key Skills

Include what is relavant to the Role

  • Childcare qualifications with dates

  • Enhance DBS

  • Paediatric First Aid

  • Ofsted Regsitration

  • Clean Driving Licence

  • Languages spoken

Office based courses and training are not relevant these should be included later in your CV.

Employment History

Make sure it is in write in reverse-chronological order, with the most recent jobs coming first. This is one the most common errors made!!

Include the ages of the children at the start of the role. Be clear and concise in what your duties were and any achievements within the role. Eg weaning, fussy eating


Sole Charge Nanny, Ascot January 2018 - December 2019

Hours of role (full/part time)

Children Ages at start of the role

Duties (summary of main duties)

Any achievements within the role

Reason for leaving : (redundancy, change in family circumstances, relocation)

Nursery Nurse. Rainbow Day Nursery, Chertsey April 2017 - March 2020

Room you worked in eg baby room

Children aged 6 months -2 years

Duties (summary of day to day duties)

Achievements within role (qualifications gained)

Reason for leaving : (redundancy, moving to a new setting)


Again, this should be in reverse-chronological order

You should include from GCSE (or equivalent) level onwards


Strodes College, Egham Sept 2000 - July 2002


• Maths – B

• English – A

• Biology – C

Windsor Girls School Sept 1995 - July 2000

10 GCSEs, grade A-C, including Maths and English

Hobbies & Interests

Things you enjoy doing in your spare time

References are available upon request

A Few Tips

  • Make sure your cv is ideally no more than 2 pages. A potential Employer will loose interest after a couple of pages!!

  • Use a plain and easy to read font ideally 10 - 12px.

  • Keep the Format the same throughout - Headings all the same size

  • Most Employers and Agencies will focus on the top half of the first page so make it good!

  • If there is a gap in your CV let people know why - maternity leave, went travelling, job seeking

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