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Updated: Jul 13

TutorSense is a Modern Education Agency that Nanny Scout are proud to be working with.

They use research-based, highly effective teaching techniques in one to one & group sessions, face to face & online.

Victoria and Antonina founded TutorSense because they believe that great educators not only inspire but develop skills that last a lifetime. The TutorSense tutors use highly effective methods which have been proven to boost exam results, promote understanding of abstract concepts, increase long-term retention of content and promote creative thinking.

They don't believe in a quick fix but in long term solutions that equip students with the tools they need to fulfil their potential.

Are you looking for someone to assist your child with exam skills or revision technique?

Are they struggling with a subject and need a little extra help?

Applying to University? Oxbridge, Ivy League, medicine, veterinary or law courses?

TutorSense also offers expert mentoring services to help your child navigate their

unique academic, extracurricular, and career paths.

  • Engaging and memorable lessons.

  • Proven to get results

  • Supporting students every step of the way

TuturSense takes time to get to know each students' individual needs and interests to find them the perfect tutor and create a tailored package. They provide ongoing support with

session reports, progress tracking and mentoring opportunities.

Over the years at Nanny Scout, we have regularly been asked if we can recommend Tutors to families so our partnership with TutorSense will be a great asset. They have the same ethos as us - wanting to build lasting relationships,

This summer TutorSense are running a selection of fun-filled educational classes at The Jelly Lounge in Windsor for children aged 3 - 5. Do you feel your child has missed out over the past 18 months and may need a bit of a boost before starting school in September? Do they need some encouragement sharing or with other social skills?

If you are interested in Tutoring, mentoring or educational guidance please get in touch as we are able to provide new Clients with a discount code.

They also offer free consultations to discuss their services and how they can achieve results for your children.

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