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Halloween Activities

It's half term next week for most people and it's also Halloween. We've had a look around and here are a few of our favourite activities to do with the kids especially on a rainy day.

Spooky Skeletons

These will make great decorations and are really easy to make.

All you need is glue, cotton buds, cotton wool, black card and a black pen.

Just glue a cotton wool ball for the head onto the paper and then use the cotton buds for the bones. Draw a face on your skeleton and leave to dry.

Egg Box Spiders

A really simple idea but very effective.

You will need an egg box, black paint, googly eyes, glue, 4 black pipecleaners, a hole puch or scissors and red paint.

Cut out a cup from the egg box and punch 4 holes on each side to thread the legs through later. Paint the egg cup black. Once it's dry thread the legs through one side to the other and bend them like in the picture. Stick on the eyes and paint on the mouth. ​

Skeleton fairy cakes

Make some fairy cakes and whilst cooling make some

white icing.

Spread the icing on the cakes and then using black

write icing draw on the skeleton faces.

Alternatively you could cover them in orange icing

and draw on pumpkin faces.

Lift the flap spooky house

You will need some coloured paper, glue, pens and scissors.

Draw the house, roof and chimney separately and cut them out.

Draw the windows and door on the house and roof and cut them out leaving one side attached so they can be opened and closed.

Stick pieces of paper that match the colour of the house and roof behind the windows and door. Make sure you don't glue the flaps down!

Now stick the house onto a piece of black paper and stick on the chimney.

Cut out some ghosts, pumpkins or whatever you like and stick them behind the flaps.

Jelly worms

If you are having a Halloween party these are great to put on the table and watch the kids faces!

All you need is some straws and jelly.

Pour the made up jelly into a tall skinny glass and stand the straws in it. Put a cup on top of the straws to weigh them down so they dont rise up and place in the fridge until the jelly has set.

Carefully dip the straws in warm water to remove the excess jelly and then squeeze the ends so that the worms wiggle out.

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